Choose Cargo Defenders to keep your vehicles and cargo safe!

Security Solutions for the Logistics Industry

Cargo Security • Trailer Security • GPS Vehicle Tracking

Curtain Sider Security

Cargo Theft is growing a problem across the world. Protect your curtain sider fleet from curtain slashing and cargo theft.

Trailer Security Systems

Cargo Defenders design and manufacture a range of security and monitoring systems to protect cargo being transported by road.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Keep control of your fleet with Cargo Defenders GPS fleet tracking system which provides in-depth information on the location and operation of your fleet.

Refrigerated Vehicles

We help you monitor the temperature inside your refrigerated vehicles including trailers, trucks and vans.

About Cargo Defenders

Cargo Defenders was founded in 2012 to provide security solutions for the haulage/logistics industry. Cargo crime is a growing problem within the industry, costing billions of Euros within Europe every year.

Cargo Defenders develops solutions to help tackle this growing problem. Our main product Cargo Defender is the Ultimate Security System for curtain side trailers which monitors and protects the cargo on board from all access points.

Cargo Defenders other systems include Trailer Security/Alarm Systems, Van Security/Alarm Systems and cost effective GPS Vehicle Tracking. Our systems are being used to monitor and protect products such as;
•  High Value Cargo;
•  Alcohol Products;
•  Tobacco Products;
•  Pharmaceuticals;
•  Cash transports; and
•  Food Products.
•  Temperature Sensitive Products