Monitor the Location of your Trailers and Protect them from Trailer/Cargo Theft

Live Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Live GPS tracking enables you to see the location of your vehicles in real time, driving the vehicle*, drive time remaining*, fuel level and consumption* and much more. Our comprehensive reporting gives you all of the necessary information to keep control of your fleet including fleet activity, idling, route replay and much more.

Trailer Alarm Systems

Cargo Defenders has a range of trailer alarm systems designed to protect against cargo theft and illegal immigrants gaining access to the trailer. This includes box trailer alarms, rigid truck alarms and the Cargo Defender Curtain Side Trailer Alarm System.

Dispatch System

With our dispatch system it is possible to manage your dispatch jobs through our platform and dispatch them to your fleet directly to their Garmin device or mobile phone. The driver has then the option to accept the job or reject. Rejected job return to the job queue. Completed jobs are recorded and removed from the job queue.


Reporting enables you to set up a reporting schedule which our system will automatically email you scheduled reports. Examples of reports include vehicle usage and idle reports, driver behaviour reports, job completed report and many more.

Theft Protection

Protect your vehicle from theft, alerts can be set up to include vehicle started or moved after hours, vehicle left set location, vehicle entered set location, vehicles battery removed and many more.

Maintenance Schedule

Keep your fleet in top condition and prevent breakdowns. Set up vehicle maintenance schedules and be alerted when a vehicle is due its service.